Melissa Dittmore

I am now fully transitioned to my new location in Santa Rosa, Le Reve! The address is 805 Benton Street, it is tucked into the JC neighborhood to the right of the Benton Market.

I have over eight years in the barbering industry, starting with a solid traditional barber training from my family (I am a third generation barber) and adding to my skill set of texturing techniques and shaping to disassemble cow licks, and any hair texture to make hair more manageable and prolong haircuts.

My goal is to always to set my clients up with a haircut that is practical to their needs, considering styling time and lifestyle. Haircuts can not only speak words about how an individual lives but also give a great deal of confidence. It makes me incredibly happy when someone walks out feeling like a million.

As of now I am only available three days a week, I am a mom of a toddler and my little one is taking extra time as she should! Please call if you have any special occasions, I may be able to be a little more flexible than my day to day schedule allows.

PLEASE NOTE! Please keep in mind that my time is very limited so please be considerate when canceling appointments by giving a day notice! Chronic no shows/cancellations will require pre payment with no refund. I have many people trying to book and early cancelations allow me to make time for others.

Anyone later than 10 minutes will require a reschedule or flexibility on service. Example, if you come ten minutes late that would be my time for washing, so that will be excluded in service.

Thank you!